My recently former job is the most toxic work environment I have worked so far, bar none. Team is fine, product is fine, it's just the upper management who's having problems.

Madam, you don't think I know how you treat your fellow stakeholders and mid-level managers, but I do. You scream at them during meetings. You talk over them, and make them feel invalidated. You pressure them into making them explain their stuff then interrupt them mid-sentence. And you dare think you're entitled to a "proper" response to your notices to explain? That's called intimidation and it shows me how manipulative you can be.

Nevertheless I responded with class by submitting a resignation letter. A resignation letter is a proper response to an NTE, you know.

Madam, I know you scream at the CEO before the rest of the board. We know you said really horrible things to him that have nothing to do with his work. How could you do that to him? He has a lot of bad takes just like you, but he considers you a friend. Friends don't talk down to each other like that. Then you call _me_ the unprofessional guy?

You made my team work six days a week in midst of a horrible commute and you get mad why everyone clocks in habitually late at work?

Yeah so granted that I have a lot of absences and lates. So what? As long as I am performing fine, that's not really an issue. Tech lead thinks it's okay. It's called work-life balance, look it up.

Oh you think we're not doing fine with our product? We know that. That's why there's CI/CD. The amount of bottlenecks and bugs don't justify your obsession over our attendance.

You can hire as many consultants as you want and they will tell you the same damn thing my tech lead and my operations head had been telling you: devs operate on a different timetable. Devs don't work on strict shifts. Nobody works well when they are overworked. When will you admit that to yourself? And you have the gall to call me the arrogant one?!

You already have the mid-level managers, consultants, and some board members to explain all that to you, but you talk them down. So why should I respond to your NTE the way you expect? Hahahahaha

You are the sleaziest, most manipulative, and least jurisprudential person I have ever met, Madam. I don't want to hear anything from you ever again. I hope the future devs you hire will see you for who you really are and be utterly disgusted with you.

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    Also you think displaying a crucifix on your office table is going to instill Timor Domini unto a churchgoer like me? Yeah nice try. I can yeet your bad labor takes with Rerum Novarum and Gaudium et Spes any day
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    Have a ++ for responding in the correct manner (resigning from the toxic environment) and for raising the general level of vocabulary here by several notches.
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    Please help me out, what's an NTE?
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    @vadernt notice to explain.
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    So what did you do?
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    @mrmr didn't explain, filed a resignation letter instead. Packed all my things and left the office for good. Notices to Explain are just excuses for upper management to crucify you anyway.
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    @jennytengsonM can someone leave the office right away after filing resignation? Dont they have to stay a month or so to handover their responsibilities?
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    @aceaxelblaze actually you can leave immediately if it's too toxic for you
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