TIL that you can't have the guarantee to have an anonymous profile or an anonymous review on Glassdoor anymore: https://businessesgrow.com/2017/07/...

I fear the same thing would happen to DevRant...

What do we do now?

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    of course it's not political speech, it's speech about the people paying for the political speech 🙄
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    It's only anonymous if you're not the only person who currently left, in your position and you don't leave specific information.
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    It's a little unnerving that it was ruled unprotected speech because it wasn't political, which is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution....
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    Now I wonder what European (or even German) courts would have ruled.
    Because iirc here almost everything is protected.
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    What we do? Well, organise and try to get those bullshit laws that protect work buyers instead of workers changed. There is no other way than proper class action to protect our interests.
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    @msdsk well I am in a tech union so
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