So was told to meet one of my clients in Hangouts, then proceeds to give me a Hangouts Meet link. I installed Hangouts and waited there. By the time I realized my mistake that I had to install Hangouts Meet, they just assumed I'm a no show and cancelled the meeting. Then HR asks to reschedule.

Huh okay then. Withdrawing my application now.

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    Adding "honest mistake" as a tag supposedly but I cannot edit rants after a couple of minutes.
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    Eh, with Google spewing out new applications with overlapping features/functionality, then killing half of them on a whim, I'm not surprized. Arguably, I'm thinking that Google simply does not know what "LTS" is.
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    @theKarlisK Less Than Stable.
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    @Fast-Nop with this new view on the meaning of LTS I take it back - Google only knows "LTS".
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