Took me like 10 years to figure out how minesweeper works
But I did it and can solve a 32x32 with 200 mines in about 5 minutes 😎

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    Well the approach will be clicking a lot of random squares initially and in case it didn't blow up until then hoping that enough has been revealed to avoid coin tossing later.

    Minesweeper is in fact pretty bad game design because you'll often be left with a coin toss.
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    The only real problem is all the single mines in he end where you often have no extra clues and have to guess.

    For example

    In the bottom left corner or similar.

    There’s just no strategy that works, just coin flip :/
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    @Fast-Nop Play something other than Microsoft's version and it gets a bit better. Both KDE and Gnome's versions are superior implementations. I rarely get stuck with coin flips, and the usability improvements make me even faster. It's my go-to relaxation game on Linux.
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    @Fast-Nop @Voxera
    In my experience I was almost never left with a coin flip, I always found a way to work out where the mine is. Its usually the edges that get me, but I don't really see a way to avoid these coin flips at all
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    @shoop I stepped up from the hardest built in, one bomb at a time.

    From 30x16 and 99 bombs to 127 bombs.

    But at 128 I always got so many coin flips I never got them all.

    Could be that if you step up the bombs a lot you might get fewer of them.
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    Simon Tatham's puzzles all guarantee solvability without coin toss. I think they're available for Linux and android.
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    1.Pick the biggest size grid you can
    2.Pick the smallesy amount of mines
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