It's that time of the month where I sign out of social media again. I offloaded all my social media apps thus. I intend to stay offline until March. I'll probably deactivate sometime along the way...

Because if I deactivate soon, people would know that they have to reach me via SMS and ask how I've been. I don't want that. I'd feel pressured into coming back into social media again. For now I don't want to be bothered by anyone I know IRL at all.

Tasks this sprint in my remote work are heavy as hell. Also, I have to focus on getting a desk job. I am preparing for grad school, and I am rather excited skilling up in HackerRank and DuoLingo. That and I have to catch up with the tech communities I've committed myself into; tech communities that I've neglected attending to because of the demands of my former job.

This also means I ain't going to church starting this Sunday. The senior cantors can manage their Sung Mass and Sung Office without me anyway.

Also to be honest, I want to take a break from God and the Blessed Mother for a very long time. You see, church day is a very emotional affair for me, especially whenever I attend Tridentine Mass. But right now, I need to focus on pulling myself together. I cannot have my emotions running rampant in my brain and overloading my circuits, especially that I am still very angry at my former employers.

Taking stock of my goals, such as grad school, I felt that I've neglected the secular aspect of my personality.

So I ain't going to church for now. I also already asked the Third Order of Carmel chapter I'm in to put my temporal vows on hold too. Fortunately my village priest spiritual director isn't the chatty type and never texts me first for any reason whatsoever, so I can disappear without him noticing.

I just want to think about nothing but code code and code for now.

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    I have hidden my Breviaries, my spiritual readings, and my sacramentals in a box where I won't be seeing them in a while. Yes including my brown Scapular. Gonna take this break seriously.
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    New email and new SIM card. Only professional contacts need bother me now.

    Also I wake up alone while the rest of my family is off to work or school. This self-reclusion includes family. By the time they go home they all see me fast asleep. The last time I spoke to any of them was last two weeks ago. It should be easy avoiding them. If anything, they probably think I have sleeping sickness lol.
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    Just pls dont delete devrant account.
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    Get rid of that mac whilst you're at it.
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    No idea what is worse:
    beliving in god or beliving in apple
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    @Gregozor2121 both leads to suffering.
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    @Gregozor2121 nothing like that is gonna happen, relax.
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