One of my high school classmates, who is in med school, after learning some basic Python, once tried to psychoanalyze devs for saying Hello World in their first programs.

"Why do programmers always have to say 'Hello World' in their first program?" Lea mused. "Like why is it the default? Do programmers have this mindset that we will say 'Goodbye World' eventually?"

"Because that's what it's in the tutorials." I simply replied. "Nothing Freudian or Jungian about it. That's just it."

"Well what's the philosophical reason behind 'Hello World'?" She mused. "Is it the programmer's equivalent of a crying baby after being birthed?"

"Nothing Plato-ish or Aquinas-y about it Lea, lol. It's just 'Hello World'!" I laughed. "Hello World is just a sample string."

"Why is it that programming tutorials use Hello World, then?"

"Well did you actually say 'Hello World' in your first program?" I, a real dev, asked.

"Yeah, did you?"

"No. My first program per programming language is always 'Maganda si Jenny kaysa sa inyong lahat!' (Jenny is prettier than all of you!)."

There's nothing psychological about Hello World, Lea. 😂

Aw shucks.

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