I don't know the slightest thing about electricity. But blowing up my house's fusebox in the name of experimenting with DIY wireless electricity wall chargers is one of my life's simplest pleasures. 😌😌😌

Or just blowing up my house's fuse box for any reason whatsoever 😂 Brings back childhood memories of me... blowing up the fuse because I stuck a copper wire into a wall socket to find out if electricity has a color like in cartoons. 😂⚡️

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    It's fun until your house burns
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    It does and it's blue!

    And sometimes orange when there's too much and oh God everything is on fire! 😂
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    One of the most astonishing things about high voltage (wall power qualifies already) is that it can kill you two times. First, right when getting shocked, and if you survive that but don't go to the hospital, some blood protein can have coagulated, then clogs the kidneys, and then you die two, three days later.
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    Thank you for reminding me why I don't want children
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    @electrineer you would know that
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