Last couple of weeks ago, my brother, who is a web developer, came home during witching hour fuming, throwing things around the house, starts scolding our little sisters over something domestic, then starts a shouting match between himself and my dad. I don't even know what his problems are about but I do know that he's having trouble at work with this legacy Java Spring codebase that he has to maintain.

I got up and told him to stop maintaining that monstrosity and begin writing Kotlin backend, so he can have no reason to shout at our aging father like that at 3 AM. Then I went back to try to sleep. Brother stopped shouting.

Don't bring your stupid work problems at home. Gosh!

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    Amen to that. Taking ur problems home in general is a direct route to an unhappy life.
    Sorry u needed to handle that.
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    I never take work home, even on vacation I straight up tell my colleagues I’m unreachable lol
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