"I did not receive notifications in my phone"

For fuck sake. You are working remotely in front of a computer. Open the goddamn messaging app in it.

BTW, wtf are you doing? Three hours without checking your messages? In your working hours?

* Note: our project is the mentioned messaging app. I bet he was playing fortnite or something stupid kids these days are addicted to

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    And here I feel lile a pile of turd if I don't reply within 5 minutes to every single correspondence 😂
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    here i am working remote but noone wants anything
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    Nah bro it's obvious BS. He received it but he's being lazy lol
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    @torbuntu now I know I am not the only one with this feeling
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    I have the problem that no one wants anything until the moment I go to the store, or to make a coffee .. the moment I get back to my pc I have messages... But nothing for hours before!
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