We have this fella in our dev shitposting group chat called Pechay (Chinese white cabbage 🥬), who's a total junior in coding--he posts his code in the group chat whenever he encounters a problem, and we ask him pointedly if he even Googles his bugs. He earns more than most of us and still he asks really basic coding and debugging questions. Though we tease him for being a noob developer, we let him. All of us were guilty of being basic at one point, you know.

He gets teased over the slightest innocent dev question he poses us, and sometimes I wonder if he legitimately liked being the group chat's punching bag. I asked him personally if he was ever offended by our banter and luckily he said he didn't.

But there's this one time where he kind of rubbed off to me as somewhat cocky.

"Why are you [seniors] acting all high and mighty here? Did you guys ever win any programming competitions?"

I got offended and I told 🥬 that I have won almost all the programming competitions in college and that I've won four hackathons during my career. Then I told him that he does not know what he is talking about, thus telling him implicitly that he needs to know his place among us.

In hindsight, I knew he legitimately did not know who I am. Why did I get angry? Why am I expecting devs to know who I am? I don't tell anyone of my achievements. Why should I double down on this guy?

And this is why I logged out of Messenger too. Social media getting really too much for me.

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    Actually fuck Pechay and everyone like him.
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    @dindin I second that.
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    @dindin & @noyb
    Well, no hard feelings, but that seems not to be the authors point.

    More like, all that 'lower instincts' group behaviour and the methods of social media which fuck up society for reasons that by nature shall not cause an issue.

    Could you please specify, @jennytengsonM?

    Cheers to the discourse =)
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    @scor i was just describing my experience with one of the junior devs who rubbed me the wrong way, and since I'm not sure who's wrong and who's right (or if it's just good-natured banter), I took a time out from Messenger to soothe my nerves.
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    Share this with them. Print it and put it on their desk. It will save both them and the whole team a lot of pain, and may even make their career more successful. In fact I would put money on it.

    So much of programming is about the process of asking questions of ourselves, our code, our tools and of others. Make sure he understands this now, whilst he is fresh.

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    that was awesome
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    Fuck him
    I hate Chinese
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    So, there's someone who never learns or improves and is a worse dev all-around. The situation is even unfair because he earns more nonetheless. He then asks why those with some professional standards act all high and mighty. Tbh that would've rubbed me the wrong way, too.

    Don't feel bad. Yes he didn't know you well. But he could have noticed that noone else asks stupid questions. That everybody else seems capable to solve basic problems on their own.
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    He sounds like a little shit. Too lazy to do his own work or solve his own problems. As soon as someone even slightly suggests he do so, he lashes out at the people helping him. Pricks like 🥬 aren't meant to be programmers; more like cleaners.
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    @VaderNT @Puroguramingu I think at this point the group members should just pointedly ignore his noob questions so that he can really act like his salary.
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