Repasted my laptop because i was having thermal issues. (But thats expected when you are building something pretty much all day.)
And GPU had thermal paste almost dry and CPU well that was for some fucking reason liquid still.
So i got the best thermal paste you can get without going metal.
Kryonaut !
And i will be damned.
It really does the job so much fucking better.
15C drop on gaming. Really good.
This is the way to go.
So if you have nitro 5 AMD ryzen 5 2500U version then repaste it from start as the one there is shit.
Just so much fucking better.

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    I reached a point, where I can identify your rants, without checking who posted them.
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    A friend of mine bought solder paste once instead of thermal paste and when the cpu heated up it soldered itself to the heatsink
    He had a fun time scraping it off and buying a new cpu in the end
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    @shoop 😂😂
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    I once had a Macbook that would heat up until the system locked up (CPU temp 105°C). After applying proper thermal paste it didn't go beyond 90°C under full load.
    It was an operation at the open heart when I took the heatspreader off and had the blank, soldered to the Mainboard CPU and GPU there. One little scratch and you can order a replacement board for >1000€.
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    @metamourge Interesting. Probably only i post suck a shitty rants
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    @metamourge I was about to say just that.
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    C'mon just delid it. You know you want it. The CPU wants it. Delid! Delid! Delid! Goood boy.
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    @Kimmax laptop. So its already technically delided.
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    Maybe I should repaste my laptops then... I was already planning to do it for a while.
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