I'd honestly get some Adderall so I can focus more at code, but I will have to take a drug test. And if I fail, I will have to retake the drug test in the national laboratory, and my chemist future seminarian ex-boyfriend would find out that I have been shooting Adderall.

Why do I even care wtf. Maybe this means I should just shoot Adderall so I can finish this project and forget about the world sooner.

But where do I even find Adderall in Manila?

Thanks Duterte.

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    Yeah I mean, why is this project so important that you need to mess yourself up to hit some deadline?..
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    do you get shoot dead instantly by the police if you fail that drug test? 😬
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    @Maer I can hit the deadline... i really just want to focus on work so my emotions don't spiral out of control 😔
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    @heyheni depends on the cop. Some are good. Others are dumb. Sometimes the person here doesn't even do drugs and they end up bleeding in the pavement anyway.
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    Jesus since when is devrant a place for posts like this? 😒 This is something to tell a therapist, not a chill community.
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    @Puroguramingu since the beginning of time. It has something to do with code so I put it here.
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    Damn I need Ritalin at minimum as my list for ADD/ADHD symptoms is ever so increasing!

    I think Adderrall would be too much for me lol I’d end up snorting it like Eliot does with Morphine pills in Mr. Robot 😂
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    @Superviral tis actually pretty good imho lol
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    @Puroguramingu it's a dev ranting about something dev related, seems to me like it fits just fine here. dR is about your *life* as a dev as well.
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