How the fuck does this site not have a "block/mute user" function on the mobile app (or sitewide it seems)? What the actual fuck?

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    I have.
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    @vane It doesn't actually work.
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    @Root No mine is working cause I never used that. My cat is still in a box... or not.
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    @vane What?
    The block feature doesn't work. dfox never finished it.
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    @Root Mine works cause I don’t use it. If you don’t use something it works all the time 😅
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    @vane much logic. I'm your husband but I just don't use it.

    + at least the latest version on Android no longer even has the option in the menu
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    @electrineer Nah more like Earth is flat except it isn’t.
    Fire is cold except when you touch it.

    Husband, wife is already committed transaction.

    Don’t take my inner little boy from me.
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    @vane you're probably very smart but you just don't show it ;)
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    @electrineer Now you started paying game except you already lost.
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