I'd post for a collab here on DevRant for my pet open source project but then everyone would know my real name.

So nah.

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    What! You lied to me Jenny?
    I thought I knew you. 😢

    My whole life is a lie...
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    @C0D4 ..”....hello darkness my old friend .......” just singing
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    @C0D4 bet she's male as well.
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    I likewise don't share anything personally identifiable (unless you happen to work with me)
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    @C0D4 *slowly pull popcorn away*

    @electrineer That sentence sounds a lot like 2019.

    @Root Well... Do I? I mean, how would I know?!
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    @Jilano Does someone at work call you a nerd? And an idiot? And pelt you with foam dice for being annoying and/or a dunce? No? You don't work with me.
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    @Root *suspicious stare*

    ... Fair enough!
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    *meanwhile me, my username starting with my last name and being well-known among people I know*
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