My experience playing death stranding, [minor gameplay spoiler]

"What are you doing?"

Picking up some cargo

"Where are you going?"

Delivering those cargo

"What are they doing?"

Trying to steal my cargo

"What are you doing now?"

Building some infrastructures

"Oooh cool, what is it for?"

So I can deliver my cargo more efficiently

"You're carrying firearms?"

Yep, to protect myself

"From those who tried to steal your cargo?"

Nope, from BTs

"What is BTs?"

It's those floating ghost-like creatures

"I'm confused"

Me either

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    Dude, its a kojima game.
    You have to expected getting confused AF, in fact, that's part of the experience.
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    What's confusing about delivering cargo? Do people need some higher meaning?
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    @metamourge in some ancient languages "Kojima" means "the fuck did i just see"
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    @metamourge @theKarlisK Dude, I know, I'm familiar with kojima since the first MGS, I think this is the most "kojima" game so far, those my interactions with other people who saw me playing,

    The gameplay mechanics are great, the graphics are incredible, the story is... well, very kojima-like,

    You guys play?

    @jespersh I think so, most people just didn't expect the simplicity of it, the way I see it, people hesitated to even try the game because "it looks like a walking simulator",

    Though in fact I've encountered a lot of players in-game who have really invested their effort in rebuilding the game world (it's basically the plot)
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    @ichijou I didn't mean to imply the game is bad - it's deffinetly something fresh and different. I do keep wondering what, in a parallel universe would a Kojima made new MGS game would look like instead of this.
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    My local postman's name is Sam, and now I cannot look him straight into the eyes.
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    @theKarlisK I think he'd continue the story of how big boss built outer heaven and zanzibar, I remember saw the flashing text in mgsv trailer way back then mentioning outer heaven uprising,

    But I've never even get to play the mythical "last" mission on mgsv because apparently konami decided to remove it on the definitive edition, and I ain't got the time to start over everything on the normal edition, 🤷🏻‍♂️

    @perfectdark give him some raw metals as thanks for his service 🤣
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