Our boss decided that a new guy joins our team now, as we are under pressure to finish a product. There are 2 sprints left for that. Afterwards, we'd have all the time in the world to onboard him properly and getting him familiar with our system. But no, le boss said he'd start now, so he does. We're losing focus and time better spent on the product. And the new guy isn't feeling useful either, because he has no idea what we built so far.
Don't get me wrong, the new guy seems like a good addition, in general. But that timing is awful.

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    Doesn't your boss know Brooks' Law?

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    Throw more people at a problem, and it will go away faster.

    This never ends well.
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    I only just realised my choice of words was a bit misleading. Our boss added the guy not because of time pressure, but pretty much just "because he could". Sorry for any confusion
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    @CoffeeNcode That's even worse.
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    @Fast-Nop I'm pretty positive he doesn't know it...
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    Can you tell him to just work on things to try understand the product while the team does what it needs to do? That's how I entered my current project.

    My task was to see if I can find things that seem of to me, see if I can add a feature that wasn't needed for 2 months and more things like that.
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    @Codex404 yeah, we didn't count him in today's sprint planning, but the timing is still awful on management's side
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    Let's turn this into something usefull! Assuming you're the manager and you got a dev droped ob to you (either by management just because, or since you've asked for it for the last two years...)

    How would you handle that situation. I personally would have that Person handle tickets and if the knowmedge is there even pentests, as this person is planed, so why not use the ressources, where they're usefull...
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    I passed on the same situation, I started a process to hire a developer and they pressure me to get someone.

    But I didn't knee on pressure and hired someone properly, but guess? They requested the guy come the next day, and the guy asked 1 week to start, unfortunately, the boss didn't allow him to start in his timing.

    But anyway, the guy is good and is doing well, but the timing is always shit, and always has that excuse "we are a startup and ... ".

    Anyway, the work x life balance nowadays is kite hard to find it.

    Sometimes I feel I don't work with startups anymore, so far, in my 15 years of career, only one is very organized.
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    This sort of reminds me of I started on my current team years ago. Got transferred due to medical reasons and speaking with my new bosses the first time, they were like we just put you here, see how u do.

    Now my boss is like I can't believe u implemented/setup/figured out the root cause of a problem .... So quickly
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