The moment you realize you really need a quick crash course in C even tho you have been coding in it for 9 or so years is just crazy.
I literally havent used many pointers or just structs in the past year or so and i basically totally forgot how it works.
Yeah i used pointer from time to time but not on daily basis as i used to and well that created this moment.
Quick duckduckgo search and quick read up on structs pointers references and just the good stuff and im back on track.
So yeah i dont recommend doing nothing basically for the past year with pointers or structs because you will end up like this.
BAD feeling.

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    And i also found cool C tricks along the way. Surely will never use it but its cool that you can do some stuff in fucking horrible way.
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    Pointers are easy!
    Unless you don't understand them; then they're mysterious arcane voodoo sorcery.
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    @Root they are but if you don't touch them for a while and you see them again you are going like. Uhmmm how did this work now ? Oh yeah I have to unreference it. Seg fault.
    Just bad.
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    @Haxk20 Git gud, scrub :)

    But more seriously: if you were comfortable with them before, it shouldn't take you long. 😊
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    Wait until you find out about function pointers and the crazy shit you can do with them. And setjmp / longjmp.
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    @Fast-Nop function pointers are great
    I used them for making shell
    Anyways... It is supported in most of the languages anyways, isn't it?
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    @Root Im comfortable with them now but TBH year is long time to not write any low type code. I was working with arduino for the past year and got used to it.
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