what did you think of the cybertruck unveiling?

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    Made me want to play Halo and that’s not a bad thing.
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    I like it, yet it's an ugly thing indeed.
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    I actually like the design because I hate these rounded easter egg like shapes of modern cars. This car would go really well in camo paint.

    That said, I wouldn't be able to park it even if the motorcycles were not in the garage, I couldn't charge it because the garage doesn't have electricity, I don't need a car, and I wouldn't buy a Tesla car in general.
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    It's ugly as fuck. Yet I still wouldn't mind driving it

    @Fast-Nop Not a fan of rounded trucks, but you can do something other than this truck we all drew as kids. Something more like a Jeep Gladiator (in a sense of how it has no rounded parts to it)
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    @Stuxnet See the camo paint, that's why it would go well. The whole idea of camo paint is to break up the shape, and that would end up in an interesting balance between the physical and the optical shape.
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    It’s certainly interesting. I wouldn’t drive one, but it is interesting
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    Looks like doc's delorean fucked a warthog last time it went back to the future.

    But that new mustang tho...🤔
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    @Stuxnet fuck that thing. You drive 5 feet in it without your seat belt, a transmission brake kicks in and you go flying into the windshield. It and all the other jeeps also stop the motor now every time the vehicle comes to a complete stop. It has to reengage the starter when you press the gas to go again.
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    It is very different. Maybe a little bit too much.
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    I like that it's electric.
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    I think:

    1) Cars are made of flimsy material to absorb the impact of a collision. It’s not like nobody else in history thought of making a car body out of stainless steel. I don’t need to be cut in half by my seatbelt because I rear-ended someone while trying to go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds...

    2) Why do you need to go 0 to 60 in < 3 seconds??? That’s like the least economical way to drive a car.

    3) Electric cars (in general) are awesome if the majority of the country in which you live is on renewable energy sources. Where I live we are not. I’ll admit this is more of a point against America than the truck, but if you live in Missouri it still defeats the purpose of owning an electric car.

    4. Alone on a desert highway it looks cool. Stuck in rush hour traffic next to a fucking Hyundai it looks pretentious as fuck.

    In summary: who the fuck is this shits target audience?? Usually if I have an “original” good idea, I google it to see why it hasn’t been done yet. That’s when I find out how stupid it is. It’s been a helpful life skill.
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    It made me feel like my eyes reduced their resolution to ultra low, and the entire world started to look pixelated to me ....
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    I loved it especially for how different it is from the mainstream
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    @broseph Electric cars have great acceleration because unlike combustion engines, an electric motor with high peak power doesn't increase consumption.

    However, you actually need that powertrain to have regenerative breaking where the same motor is also a strong generator.
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    Apart from the shape and "headlights," I really like it.
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    It would make a great pinewood derby car
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    @skyjoe66 or maybe an armored personnel carrier. Just stay away from the windows 😅
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