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    Alternatively this is what a developer does when they see a sign saying "all dogs must be on a leash"
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    @nibor yesss absolutely right
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    BYOD meet-up
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    @hjk101 I got that reference 😅
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    They are teaching you the most important lesson in this profession. Teaching yourself 😂😂😂
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    @scripta55 when i was junior no one helped me to resolve my issue.
    but today i am helping my juniors to resolve issues.😅
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    I remember the first place I worked in IT, our managers previous experience in the computer field was as a taxi driver..

    He was a good manager as he would sit quietly in the corner and not bother us at all !
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    @Nanos we need to respect this kind of people.
    but I am sharing my experience.
    In last company i worked as junior engineer. and my manager was interrupting (he is not from technical background). why are you using this variable?, why are you taking too much time to develop? & bla... bla... bla...
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