Im trying to learn devops but spent all my gcp free credits up for a freelance vm over the past year. so i never actually got to experiment. i tried fiddling with it last month and now i gotta pay 50 dollars. any better way to do this?

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    can't you register with another email?
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    Move to heroku?
    Use GitLabs piplelines?

    Depends on what you're doing and why you're needing.
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    Local docker/k8s ?
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    @C0D4 im trying to become a devops expert in one thing, that would be a great fit for cheap apps and big scalable ones. i thought gcp at first coz the name sells do u advise heroku or gitlab for devops?
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    @sleek devops is broad thoug,Mj, I'm just trying to narrow it down a bit, each major cloud have their own way of doing things, and each stack as it's own set of requirements to understand.
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