In my friends grad speech for her bachelors in stats she said “I’ve written so many for loops” lol like tf that suppose to even mean? The rest of the speech was equally as embarrassing. College, I’ll pass

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    for each their own...
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    could've been worse, the opening line for my grad speech was a quote from van wilder 🙄
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    @M1sf3t would’ve like to have heard
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    @dUcKtYpEd it was the joke about not taking life too seriously. I played it of by looking up the original source but that's where I got it from.

    Between that and the content that followed it was not all that inspiring. But I wrote it in detention with a diploma to my head so I think most were just happy I got up and said something 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Uhhhhhhh but that's how stats calculations work. I mean, unless to go pro from start and cheat with pandas (python) or numpy or something. if you're learning, then you're coding that shit. Meaning that you're going through the data at least once. I get her idea, but I agree with you that that's an embarrassing speech. Like, you gotta do this shit for the rest of yo life, watchu complaining about?
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    @NoMad I just found it funny that when mentioning her hardships she had said “I’ve written so many for loops” as if it was the pain point of her experience. I’d understand if she was like “I’ve calculated so many forms of derivatives” or regression testing sure, but like...a for loops a for loop. She also quoted lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar verses in her speech 😂😂. I’m happy for her I truly am. I just thought it was dumb as hell
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