So one of the documents I read during my onboarding in my new job was that QA also pays attention to the integrity of the software development processes, not just the quality of the product we are making/maintaining.

@Fast-Nop, I'm so sorry for being too proud to see this before.

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    Yeah I think thats the original meaning of "QA"

    QA is not tester, too many people got it wrong until everyone just agreed that QA means tester.
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    "Integrity of the software development processes". This, in a nutshell, exemplifies the stupidity rampant in software development today. Processes should not be sacrosanct. QA should not be the Spanish Inquisition. The customer and the market don't give a rats ass about what software companies today obsess over.
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    @jennytengsonM Wow, thanks! :-)

    Given how assertive you come across in general, I think you'd also be a good fit for that aspect of QA - kicking people's butts if they try to fudge around how they should be working.
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    I remember talking to people from a large software company at a speed networking event who told me they were looking to hire someone in their team that had spent 2 years working on automating QA on their current QA process.

    PRs would only be passed to a human if the system approved it.
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