Decided to try OpenGL
I'm turning 16 in a week but I already pulled all of my hair out and it turned grey

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    @Haxk20, maybe you guys should hang out lol
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    Once you get the hang of VAOs it all starts making sense
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    Vulkan is next ;)
    Then vulkan in Rust ;))
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    @OneOfSimpleMind yeah that's where I went, but the troubleshooting....
    Also its a tutorial for Windows and I'm on Linux
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    @shoop the tutorial works even on Linux. How do I know ? Because I'm making my own game too and I used that tutorial to get me started.

    I know what I'm about to say may sound like an asshole but you will learn much more this way.
    I'm not going to help you solve the issue you are having cause if you can't get window to show up and you are getting linking errors or just compilation errors then google has the answer.
    Why not just give you the build command or help you ? Because if I did you would just use it but you would never look at why it works in the first place. So go and search google for the answer. It has it.
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    @Haxk20 thanks for the comment. I am looking for solutions online, trying to figure everything out myself
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    @shoop Thats good. Very good way to learn.
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    @shoop @haxk20 If you need some reading, I can recommend the very free book Polygons Feel No Pain (http://computer-graphics.se/TSBK07/...) which talks a little about OpenGL, shaders and game stuff. Fair warning though - might still need to find more info online ^^'
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    @adzox Thanks but im fine learning shit on my own as i did so far. I find self learning the best way to learn.
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    @haxk20 That's true! Just wanted to share ^^ I used it a bit when making a really simple fishing game - it helped a bit with how to do different kinds of billboards and how to do lighting... I couldn't quite figure those out :c
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    @adzox Will surely look at it when i need a little help. Thanks.
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    Agree 100%. OpenGL boilerplate can scare off, but there truly is no alternative to spending hours gaining experience.

    Even if you understand theoretical concepts, like lighting models, bounding volume hierarchies and such, this does not replace experience. Especially when it comes to debugging OpenGL.
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