Holy fuck my first software built at this job (alone, in 6 months) has gone live.

And it has a shit load of bugs and failure points. There are some mistakes in the code level too (I work at a small vendor and had nobody to review code)

I'm so tensed right now. Identified some problems and solved them, but the issues are countless and the project can't be taken down because people are using it as I type!

I'm afraid that I'll be getting fired soon.

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    What did you make? That's great
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    @samsepiol can't really disclose brother, bit it's a full stack web app. Angular+Flask+MySQL
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    So @dfox ++'d the rant but didn't calm me down? What do I do in life now :-(
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    @virustark24 Damn that's a stack I've never heard of
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    @samsepiol what do you work with?
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    Angular JS on the front, C# .net and Oracle on the backend
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    they won't fire you, buddy. You are the only thing they got :)
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    Don't worry, I know it's hard to imagine but most of your competition is probably even worse than you.
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    @priandpasta but if the project dies, they probably will :)
    ok maybe not, there can be various ways.
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    @Angry-dev I figure if they trusted @virustark24 to make it, they will trust him to fix it.
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    You coded it alone. I guess no body gonna fire you.
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    Well, welcome to Rapid Development where alpha testers and final users just happen to be the same
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    @willhertz doesn't look too welcoming to me, a 2019 passout newbie
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    Well, as long as you didn't lie about your experience in the field, they shouldn't be able to nag you too much.
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    „People are using it”.
    That’s a better result than a typical project.

    Don’t worry much about the bugs. It’s not your fault your employer decided to create the software cheaply.
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    Well it sucks that no proper testing has been done. There has not been a product launched without bugs. As long as you guys respond adequately and don't frustrate customers to much it will be alright.
    Core functionality does work right?

    I do find it a bit odd that you cannot reveal what the product is/does. Though one to sell😅. Unless you are worried about your identity new products can use all the attention it can get.
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    @hjk101 it's an internal application for a private company, not a publicly accessible product.
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    @virustark24 ah yes that makes more sense. Good luck with the pissed off co-workers...
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    Every launch is rough. There are going to be bugs. Don't sweat it too much, you won't be fired for this. Even the best authors need editors and programmers are no different.

    Take a deep breath. Now, accept the feedback and bug tickets you get and start working through them. Prioritize the worst and/or most common bugs.

    If the people you work with don't understand why there are bugs on launch, educate them politely. Tell them that you can't possibly test everything perfectly before launch (especially if there was no QA, which sounds likely if you don't have peer reviews), and that you appreciate them working with you to iron things out. And next time, do a soft launch (with a select number of users). That's the next best thing to QA testing during development.
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