What I have learned by learning OpenGL for about 2 days.
1) C++ and its compilers are clunky as shit
2) There is a minimal amount of entry level docs
3) You need 5th grade math to do programming
4) Comment every single line to not get lost in OpenGL API
5) The include directory is not in the project but at /usr/local/include
6) Giorno's theme from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is fucking awesome

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    Is that why it's called Open Good Luck?
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    Yeah, local includes being relative to the file being processed while there was also a global include directory took some getting used to when I first learned C++.
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    If you added glm files to /use then you f up and didn't read docs. Yes math with matrixes is f up but easy at the same time.
    OpenGL is not game engine tho. It's just stuff that allows you to render shit. Other stuff you have to handle that.
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    I just started reading part 7. Its awesome
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    @Haxk20 I put the glad generated file glad.h in the /usr directory, and included the glad.c that also was generated.
    And yeah. I do realize that it's just a rendering engine, that's all
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    @shoop You are not supposed to put it in /usr jeez. Messing up the system that way. You can create include folder in your game folder and then just include that folder in g++. Thats the proper way to do it.

    The option is -I.

    For example this is what i do. I have glad.c in src folder and .h file in include folder.

    -I ./include/ ./src/glad.c

    I said i woudlnt give you exactly the command but i never said i wont give you part of it when you are about to basically break your system by adding libraries that are not from any package. VERY WRONG.
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    Theres a world of things beyond 5th grade math and opengl.

    Shaders for example. Shaders are a motherfucker.

    Physics is another.

    In fact theres so much to learn just these two examples aren't just different skillsets, they're *different careers.*

    Sorry for the blackpill. If you enjoy learning, congratulations, you never have to stop.
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    It's the best thing ever.

    Also also the global includes are amazing. That's why in windows you have to download your libs and fiddle with the include dirs n stuff manuallu but on linux apt can install the libs for you into your /usr include folder! It's much more comfortable to use
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