Very well restrained this black friday - Only bought 1 thing that I'd been wanting for a while - as it was 30% off. I bought a Ledger Nano X for security's sake, and I must say it's a great upgrade compared with the ledger nano s, which has half of the screen height and no embedded battery

Did black friday empty your pockets?

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    Nope, nothing. Amazon still only selling overpriced garbage like always, other shops not really anything I'm interested in. Online product suggestions are still about as helpful as diarrhea.
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    What @deadlyRants said (mostly). The only thing I currently want/need is a RAM upgrade (from 8GB to 2x 16GB), but I didn't bother to look around for long and the only offer I could find was like 10€ off (and even then there was other, cheaper RAM). Not worth the stress (of having to deal with it right then) for the equivalent of half an hour of work.

    I did buy a gift for my wife though, something I had my eye on for quite a while and now I got it with 25% store-wide discount. I also got a toothbrush for my wife's aunt from Amazon (they're cheaper here generally, so I had the task to get it).

    Edit (addition): I actually want to get a new vacuum cleaner, but I had no time to research on Friday. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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