There's something about the don't rendering in Windows that just feels so subpar. Maybe it's the antialiasing, maybe it's just the fonts that are used there... I don't know. But something about it just feels bad.

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    Do you have Cleartype turned on?
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    @RememberMe I don't know what that is. Is it not on by default?
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    Bad font rendering is usually an issue with Linux DEs, but not with Windows.

    Under Windows: System Control -> Fonts, then on the left menu, click ClearType settings. Should open a dialogue. Activate the ClearType checkbox, click Continue. Go through multiple levels of multiple choice which examples display best on your monitor. Done.
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    @Fast-Nop It's not bad at all it just feels worse than other options. Running Manjaro, I can see a bit of a difference, and Mac has incredible font rendering. I've calibrated and it looks a tiny bit smoother, but something still just feels a bit off.
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