Whoever has the audacity to push a commit with the message "WIP" should be made to fix every single merge conflict.

If I had my way I would have the remote not only reject the push but revoke write access for that user so they have to come to me and explain why they thought it was acceptable and beg for forgiveness.

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    I've worked somewhere pre commit hooks required a message that at least looked like ticket number and a message.

    You'd get people commit a bit cleaner.
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    Isn't it possible to just undo the commit?

    Also: Why does someone have direct branch access besides feature/ticket branches?
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    @sbiewald this was from feature branches that where developed concurrently by different teams. The code in both was already reviewed but it seems like none of the reviewers care about the commit history.
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    "<dickhead>'s WIP updated to be less so"?
    also isn't all code technically a WIP as it's always needing something fixed or enhanced by request?
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