I am shocked in how well php is keeping up with the communities needs and trending features. I’m tempted to go back to it for the next few projects even. Maybe some laravel magic or symfony again. Well...maybe not symfony

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    I know right , i was thinkin that myself, and i love laravel its a shame i dont see many devs using it , most opt for angular and react purely :(
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    @fetch-alcohol I mean you can write your api with laravel though and use a disparate spa like vue or angular. Monoliths are not as common anymore. But unfortunately php is falsely seen as dated and the hot languages are taking dominance like c#, elixir, JavaScript, Haskell. Php might have its tome to shine again.
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    Meh, I'm not on the hype train.
    You don't need to run a monolith to use php.

    I use it for everything.

    APi layer to dbs.. hell api layers in general,
    Web scraping,
    Process automation,
    If I can think it, I can usually make php do it.
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    @C0D4 you sure are a hero
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    @C0D4 This! Also CLI scripts :)
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