I'm working for this company for a year now and am involved in some crucial projects as a developer, one of the projects is approaching its deadline now and for a few weeks I've been fucked in the ass (not literally), stressing a lot, spending a lot of energy and often staying and working overtime, but never I've been approached and told that my extra work is going to be compensated (I mean the overtime), I don't have the balls to tell them that I should get paid more, I feel like I'm just being used... Fellow devranters, what worked for you in such situations? I would like some advices.

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    Open your eyes: "Do not work overtime" It ain't worth.
    Then what? It's as easy as just TELLING YOUR BOSS there's a problem, don't hide
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    I did overtime like 245hrs/month continuously for 3 months and saved entire division from nothing less than a catastrophe. That gave me confidence to ask for promotion. I didn't get it but good salary hike. So I left the job in very next month for better one.

    Never do overtime unless you really enjoying doing it or it'd help you with achieving professional goals.
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    I'd recommend taking care of yourself first.
    I was recently hospitalized for 20 days and man it took a lot to get back.
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    People who don't have the balls to speak up are getting used. Live with it, or grow balls. Your choice.
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    @chowdercake I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you're ok now.
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    @Fast-Nop Balls!! they only grow, when you improve your technical skills consistently and being good/confident at what you are doing.

    Even if you don't get appreciated or what you wanted at company. No problem, you'd have amazing teams out there who'd love to have you.
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    @dev-chandu I'm in recovering phase
    Feeling a lot better now
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