AoC day 4.
This one will be a good one. Probably could write the code in few minutes but have school sadly so nope thats not happening.

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    I'm excited to see part two tho
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    can you brief on what AoC is? is it age of conquerors?
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    @jesustricks Advent of Code. You get a new programming related challenge each day of December. Quite some fun
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    @jesustricks I thought Aunties on Coke
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    I thought you were talking about something dumb that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did as it is usual of her.
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    part 1 and 2 solved.

    part 1 easy AF. Like 10 lines of code easy.

    Part 2 tho. Jeeeez

    Could not get the damn thing to exclude the wrong options correctly but after like 8 if statements it threw out the correct answer but like jeeeez.

    Lets hope day 5 will be better at least.
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    @Haxk20 ikr, part one was even easier than the days before
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