Hmm maybe I should start hanging out with my coworkers after work. The isolation in my apartment is gripping. I feel like I am going mad. 🙃

I could swear I am starting to see black cockroaches and flying spiders at the corner of my eye whenever I drift to sleep, and it's never a good sign.

Perhaps a book? Or a video game? I'm told God of War on PS4 is good stuff...

I should have brought my gold refining experiment with me... I can't sleep.

Oooor I'd resume my magnetic wall charger project tonight...? Except that I don't even know where the breaker is and I might burn my apartment.

Mmm imagine the news: Android developer dies in a freak fire accident.

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    Avorion (game), it also officially supports modding via lua.

    Its space, its lets you build ships any way you want, you can blow shit up, its SP and MP, you can play as a casual or turn the difficulty way up, you can get mods that add ships from scifi movies, it can be peaceful or gripping, its fun!
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    once in, you never have to worry about having too much time anymore.
    The factory must grow!
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