Need job advice:
I love where I work but I just had an interview which a much bigger company that is offering 25k more!
m so nervous that they'll call me back with the next steps for speaking to the CTO that I almost just wish they wouldn't. I dont know if thats me actually not wanting this job or just so nervous about leaving my job I love for a newer position that Id rather not bother with it.

Regarless, my family needs the money and Id never make the same where im at. Any advice?

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    Advice? What is more important? Your current job, you or your family?
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    @Lexter my family and I for sure.
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    @dUcKtYpEd Well, here you have your answer. If you and your family need more money, ask for more in your current job or just leave. Yep, it will hurt you a bit, but... Family is family.
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    @Lexter I’m inclined to agree
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    Go forth, making an extra 25k from a company you already work at is near impossible (near, but can happen)
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    It's always unpleasant to leave your comfort zone.

    Go for it. Learn how other people are doing things.
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    Leaving a place of known comfort can be scary as hell. If you can both logically and emotionally justify the leap, then take it and trust your intuition. You'll be all the stronger for it.
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    JeezI wish I could get responses as sound and wise as you guys on Facebook. It’s a good reminder for me that I am accustomed to my comfort zone’s and that no one has ever achieved greatness By striving for comfort. That and I mean I do have four kids and my wife is still working so that extra money would keep her at home like she wants.
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    same situation here. go for it. if you do not like it then just go back.

    to have the possibility to go back do not burn bridges :P
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