AoC day 5.
Fuck no. No. No. No
You can write that in python. Im not doing that in C.
I mean i will try and most surely fail i think.

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    I'm still on day 2. Had only a while yesterday to do the first one. Good luck, mate!
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    And that's the exact reason why python should be prohibited by law
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    @Manjia Exactly. At least fucking prohibit it at AoC. We C guys have no fucking chance against it.

    Heck even Java guys are slower.
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    @dontPanic First welcome to 11K club man.

    And well Day 2 is easy. Also save the code. You will need it in Day 5.
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    That's why i write AoC in Rust...
    1. I learn a new Language
    2. I fuck up all the time because of syntax
    3. I am as stressed as i'd write C code.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
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    Actually im lucky i still have day 2 code. Its actually not so hard. Will fo tomorrow. Heck then probably 6 too.
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