What do you do when your boss has nothing for you to do and all your co-workers don't need any help?

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    Same for me. Fucking boring.
    Just try to find something to improve.. or break something..
    Look Into the other projects (devils, backend, frontend...)
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    I have permission to update my machine, so I make sure I have the latest version of software and then I run regression tests to make sure it won’t break when everyone else updates.
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    Reading Rainbow!

    Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high

    Take a look, it's in a book,

    A Reading Rainbow!

    I can go anywhere

    Friends to know, and ways to grow

    A Reading Rainbow!

    I can be anything

    Take a look, it's in a book

    A Reading Rainbow

    Reading Rainbow!


    In other words, learn something.
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    Go for a walk
    Side projects
    Make fun of my coworkers for being slow
    Take a nap
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    plan my next vacation to have a look at the marvels of this planet.

    Like this journey from europe by train and ferry to Japan.
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    Massaging chair, ping-pong, regex crosswords, agar [the game], cloud lessons at udemy, googling stuff for my personal projects [only stuff also relevant to my role at work], building a k8s lab, tuning performance/tests of my current project, ranting at dR, alldaydevops records from previous years, itsec trainings,....

    Shall I go on?
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    Browse devrant
    Browse Reddit
    Play some stupid game in the phone
    Play some games on PC both2 native or emulated (I'm like level bazillion+1 in GTA VC and SA Because of slow days)
    I'm allowed to do pretty much that I want if there's no work on queue. Having a BYOD policy and keeping BYOD devices on an isolated network helps a lot. Since I can mess with my PC without affecting the others
    The perks of IT/SUPPORT and very good products/services that them don't need you too much
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    Since I'm that guy who tells what to do I always have what to do. If there are no tickets it's always possible to refactor something
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    Coursework, new project or make your own app
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