Fuck wish if i was rich enough to buy Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla and just delete the source code forever. Why the fuck do they still exists, why the fuck do people still use them.

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    They do because small companies cannot afford a custom-made website and those tools mostly just work.
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    @c64forthewin Well they can atleast afford a framework not CMS
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    @Areg They are by clueless for lay people, that's bound to suck.

    @c64forthewin I have yet to see a WorsePress site that isn't a piece of shit full of noob errors, especially given that even wordpress.com itself is crap.
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    But when you buy it, that’s essentially a need for acquisition.

    You are creating a whole new business of CMS purposely built to suck just to make people buy it.
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