In half a year and 6 days it will be 4 years of me here.
I still remember the first day.
I joined and posted few posts. They werent amazing and my english compared to what it is today. (Not to say that it is amazing today. I still have to pass C1 and C2 tests to say its perfect but B2 will have to do for now)
Those posts didnt catch on at all. Got maybe 5++s
The i posted 1 meme i found (This is actually the only unoriginal meme i ever posted). Got enough to build avatar and request stickers. Who would say that to request stickers in 2016 you needed only 10++ on 1 post. And since there werent many of us here we got double the amount of stickers (At least some of us did).
To see how we grew so much in just 3.5 years its just crazy. It brings tears of happiness in my eyes.
I remember the day i hit 1K++s.
It was amazing.
Then when 10K++s came i was mind blown.
Not because of the ++s. Mainly because i didnt understand why people enjoyed listening to my daily shit posts about crap mostly. TBH i dont understand it even today.

But as we grew and more people joined this community some it had some effects on the community. Mainly the number of shitty memes posted here every day. Yes you can filter out memes and jokes but some people still dont mark them as memes and so you still end up seeing memes you already saw on reddit.
But other then that this is one hell of a community one can be part of.
Im proud to be part of this community.
When looking today at my ++ im just mind blown.
And to hear that im in top 15 users of devRant ?
Thats just crazy to me.

But even tho we have a wonderful community here.
It woudlnt exist if it wasnt for 2 guys.
@dfox and @trogus.
For anyone new reading this. Those are the creators of devRant.
And well to you guys i just want to say Thank you for creating such a wonderful community and thank you for letting me be part of this community.
If it wasnt for you guys we woudlt have a place to went our feelings where users can actually understand what happened.
And at the end.
Thank you to every user on devRant (Yes thats you).
You are part of this community too. And even you are making it more special then it was before you joined. So thank you.
And this will be all for this little more then long post.
Again Thank you to @dfox @trogus and @everyone.

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    @ScribeOfGoD Sadly that doesnt work as intended.
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    @Haxk20 right, was just joking anyways lol
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    I havent been apart of the community as long, but i remember when i found the community in 2017 and signed up in early 2018, still blown away by all the great time i have spend here and all the awesome people behind this community, still blows my mind til this day today.

    Even thought i deleted my original account with around 8K++s, the great community still get my back to devRant, even thought i am more of a reader than a poster these days.
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    Thanks for the kind words, glad to have you here!
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