I just sneezed so hard my guitar started ringing in the opposite corner of the room

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    when are we gonna hear one of your sick jams?
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    Happens to all the time 😁 that's what you get for not smoking and having perfectly healthy lungs! 😁
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    This made me think of this:

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    @Demolishun TIH skrillex drops one
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    Dude, it means satans nearby and wants to challenge you to an epic guitar battle! It's your destiny!

    I hear if you win he'll give you a fiddle of gold!

    Hardly anyone plays the fiddle these days anyway. Might as well melt that sucker down.
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    "While my guitar gently sneezes" is one of the Beatles greatest hits.
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    @Wisecrack I actually saw a live performance of that a few months back. Holy shit did that guy move fast! I had heard it before, but until you see if done like 30ft away it is on a whole new level! Fiddler Respect!!!
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    @Wisecrack it was the devil escaping the guitar from the power of my devilish sneeze. I don't even mention for how long the sound was bouncing around my room
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    @shoop Once you can sneeze 3 chords you can start a band.
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    there was once a famous musician who could play the tuba with his ass too!
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    say three "hail zeppelins" and then you and the devil can call it even.
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    it was sympatethic to your sneeze =D
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