None of my awkward party stories are thoroughly dev-related, but here goes

1) Choosy

So my high school friends and I gather for an annual Christmas Party (technically it's Advent Party if my trad brain is to go by) and we invite special guests from the rest of the class.

Two, maybe five years ago, it was this classmate of ours who went home to Manila from New Zealand for the holidays. She came over.

We have this custom called the exchange gift where we would buy each other gifts. I picked her. Her wishlist indicated that she would love to read some fiction. She didn't indicate any specific titles.

I am also such a fan of Tom Clancy's books that I have nearly all of his books, games, and movies. I was certain that she has not read a single Tom Clancy book since her titles usually are Twilight, Fifty Shades of Gray, and Stephen King type of books.

So I went to the nearest secondhand book store to buy her several Tom Clancy books. I also picked a brand new random romance title just to sweeten the gift. I wanted her to read as many books as possible.

Then the time came to give each other gifts.

She opened my gift for her and she pasted the fakest glee ever. I didn't mind.

But when it was time for her to go, she went for the door only to be stopped by a friend of ours saying that she forgot my gift of her.

She gave it a leering look before seemingly grudgingly taking it to her arms and leaving. Whether she didn't like my gift because most of them were secondhands is anyone's guess. It was awkward as hecc.

You should have specified titles you know. Also bitch I love Tom Clancy.

2) family reunions. The usual member of the extended family, usually a boomer aunt, asking you the following tactless questions and making the following assessments:
>"Tumaba ka na ah!" (Wow [Jenny] you've grown fat!)
>"Kumusta na yung chekwa mong jowa?" (How's your ching chong boyfriend? Chekwa is a much more offensive slur than ching chong if you account Tagalog culture)
>"So when are you getting married? You know if you've been dating for more than a year you should either marry your boyfriend or dump him."
>"Why did you choose an agnostic as your new boyfriend? What happened to the trad one? He's so ugly!"
>"So have you worked in HP yet? Why don't you apply as a dev in Microsoft/Facebook/Google? Your cousin Jordan earns 80K (in philippine pesos) a month in Accenture you know."
>"Remember to help your siblings [financially] every step of the way."

Tita I am not in the mood.

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    Is Tita her name? Sounds weird, also what language is that? 😛

    Wouldn't it have been possible to figure out what the gift bitch wanted through her friends or something?
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    It is funny coz tumaba kana ah
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    @alexbrooklyn Tita means "aunt" in Tagalog 😂

    Yes it would be possible, but I would have blown my cover lol. Exchange gifts are supposed to be secret until gifting time 😂
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