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So i failed an exam in Prog1 on university because I wrote the program in OOP instead of "just" programming it. My professor said that we didn't learn OOP yet and I didn't do what he asked for...

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    That's why you learn programming on your own and dont bother with schools where people, who havent written a line of code in the last 2 decades teach people.
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    I kinda did the reverse.. I made a functional java game, instead of doing it OOP... didn't go to the classes tho' ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚
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    So you defied the laws of physics, or at least the laws of Java, since Java is completely object oriented?!
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    @metamourge you could say that... it's been a decade now though. I do OO, just not Java 😏
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    My comment was meant in mockery, because you obviously don't know, what either of these terms mean.
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    @metamourge can't mock the ignorant.
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    Your teacher wasn't appropriate enough to judge you skills!
    Wrong place for you..
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    What *did* the teacher ask for?
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    @SomeNone I don't remember the task, but the problem was that I used OOP when we didn't cover that in class
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    @metamourge Only because everything is an object doesn't mean it's OOP. There is much more than simply "put a procedural programme inside a class".
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    @Akelabacsi problem avoidance skill = zero
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    Professors are known for being out of touch. There are good reasons to fail someone for doing OOP when procedural is requested. They're not necessarily intercheangeable. A point might be specifically to solve problems using procedural without relying on OOP and to max out procedural ability independently. However the excuse "because we didn't learn that yet" is very very weak.
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    Could be an ego thing too. You will use, and only use, what I tell you to use and when I tell you to use it. This is yet another reason I am pursuing my own CS education on my own. Cannot stand the thought of sitting in classes with learning at the same pace as people who don't code.
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    The professor is correct but probably for the wrong reason.

    Ultimately the reason to do what is asked is because in a professional setting thats what you're going to be paid to do.

    You're not getting paid to do extra. And doing more than you need to is called charity.

    Harsh reality is companies want predictable and average, not above and beyond.
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    @Mr-Myrk I disagree.
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    I also attend university since a few years ago, and I must say your professor is right.
    If you have skills beside the subjects they teach you, very good. You will need those later.
    But you also have to learn to adapt to tasks even if you don't like them that much.
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    @Benedikt You are completely correct (and most likely very relevant in this simple assignment).
    The reverse is also true. It does not have to be in a class to be object oriented. It's possible to do OOP in a language that has no constructs foot it like C.
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    @ManBunMike and why is that?
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