Third interview, this time with the CTO and CEO. They were very neutral so I’m not sure what to expect next. I’m so use to the convo going like “alright let us figure out when we can get you in here” followed by details. These guys asked how much notice my current job would need but that’s all. Left me very questioning. Maybe that’s just the professional way of handling interviews but they seemed very very political about their company. That shit scares me. Can leave the politics behind, I’m just trying to move your business forward, not trying to battle over who has the most degrees or reputable past businesses

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    That sucks. The withholding of excitement such as not being too revealing to a candidate they are interested in hiring could be a tactic to strengthen their hand in salary negotiations.

    I'd say the fact that you made it all the way to the CEO and CTO and had a third interview looks good for you.
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    @duckWit I kee telling myself that too. I think it’d be a dick move to have me that heavily invested along with a 12 hour project assessment I did, just to say never mind. Really I was just too nervous in the interview to lay it out for them how I felt which is “here’s my skills, if you can utilize me, I’d be happy to help”. Instead I think I came across as a bit of a suck up just cause I was nervous and agreeing to everything. Which is not be at all. We’ll see
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    Don't worry.
    I have some experience with people going politic and would be happy to guide you through the process.

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