I'm at a point where I think my IP block assigned by my ISP is blacklisted by Google.

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    I don't see any reason why you should use a ReCaptcha anymore. Afaik, humans have a ~41% chance of solving ReCaptchas while bots have a ~79% chance. The success rate decreases when it classifies you as potential threat.

    Moreover, don't use ReCaptchas on login pages to prevent brute force attacks as there're much, MUCH better solutions to this problem. I swear to god, if I see a ReCaptcha on your website I'll use your competitor.
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    Recaptcha was never for site security, it was for training their AIs.
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    @Jantho1990 I'm not sure. What did they do before Google acquired ReCaptcha?
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    fuck Cucktcha.
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    btw, correct category would be Rant/Story.
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    @kescherRant yeah, I couldn't edit the tags after I noticed it.
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