AWS: Use "Easy Setup" to utilize the industries suggested preset for your database needs. (Buttons ordered first in and pre-selected).

I use easy setup as I trust amazon to abstract the granular settings and guide me through best practices rather than reading through their 600 page manual to configure an Aurora instance.

10 days later, 700$ bill comes in.
Thanks AWS 👍

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    I doubt that 😂
    Hit them up, they'll likely drop the charge for you, they tend to be customer friendly
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    @Kimmax actually it’s slightly exaggerated it was at 350 after 10 days it was estimated to hit 700 by the end of the month. I am having my company contact them though, surely they’ll understand
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    @dUcKtYpEd why no budget alerts tho
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    @Kimmax good point! Welcome to agency environments where we’re learning every hour of every day haha haha
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    Stay away from Aurora it's like a cancer. It only grows.

    The fucked up devs brilliantly speed up performance by allocate disk space but never returning it. This has nothing to do with innodb like growth that can be difficult to clean when file per table is off. This shit never reuses storage. Every time a temp table is used your storage usage (and bill) grows. Deleting a database. Well not reclaiming shit. Their solution: set up a new cluster and migrate to that...


    The 160GB reclaim block is bullshit by the way. We are way over 400GB of waisted space and still storage usage keeps increasing...
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    @hjk101 jeeez good advice I’ll look a lot more into it. Would you suggest just the RDS MySQL instead?
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    @dUcKtYpEd yes only aurora has that problem
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