I can't believe this happened. I thought i would never witness this. A coworker dropped the entire production database. And no backups because its the first day, were way past beyond the deadline and no one thought we would need it this soon. Now we manually have to enter the entire backlog. He was supposed to delete just one tables rows. Im amazed by how dumb he is. How much trust we put in that we wouldnt fuck up the database this soon if at all in this way. Im beyond words. I am so glad im leaving this place at the end of the month. Hes so lucky i will never see him again after that.

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    That stuff could've happened to anyone of us. It was the company's mistake to not have backups and to do that task without multiple people around him. It's like a company who doesn't have any safety practices and then blames the injured worker. Do not shift blames.
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    @bartmr the company is at fault for the shitty development process we have. But this guy constantly fucks up left and right. Two tomes he takes a last minute vacation on the final week of the project and we have to finish the code he wrote. And oh god is it shitty. No rime or reason on how its indented. Its three fucking buttons you need to press to indent the whole file properly. And the ide lights up like a Christmas tree with red and yellow lines everywhere. His code is so prone to null pointer exceptions and stupid bugs. We have 0 testing and code reviews. Its so bad and every project is a rush job and everyone makes some mistakes. But this guy is such a liability all the time. We wven give him the easiest tasks and still fucks up. I just cant anymore
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    Don't blame the guy for dropping the database. Blame the company and its management for allowing this.
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    “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?" - some religious person some where at some point in "time".
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