They said i im beyond bleeding edge since i run linux-next on my daily driver laptop that i use for everything.
I have gone more far. I just build and tried linux-next on my server.
It has some issues and since its server after all i will stick to linux mainline and latest git commit.

Why ?
I want to prove people that running mainline stuff on servers or daily drivers isnt scary or anything.
It can be done and run just fine as im proving it right now.

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    Are you even using the stuff changed in the last 150 commits?
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    @nitwhiz network stuff and GPU stuff for sure. Mostly the network stuff and CPU updates. So suprisingly yes i do.
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    Yeah bleeding edge on servers totally isn't scary because so far nothing has happened. I don't think this will convince anyone who has real money on the table.
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    @Fast-Nop I mean yeah im not trying to convince people who have millions or even thousands in it but if you have server at home like i do why not give it just that slight boost in some things ?
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    @Haxk20 One word: laziness. You don't really mind because you love tinkering, but for many, it's more of a bother.
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    Hm. Servers are delicate.

    I tend to stick to LTS kernels... As especially breakage in the FS layer can become a fuckfest.

    (Ooops... Data... Gone... Sometimes. Not Always. :()

    But I think in most cases the gain from a newer kernel is really small. Especially when the server is isolated as in has no fscking way to communicate with the internet...

    mitigations=off and a large chunk of performance worries will be history...

    The last big thing my sleepy brain remembers was blkmq, default since 5.0… But available since long time.

    Most FS stuff requires an porting of the latest tools (e.g. xfsprogs) to be useful and then formatting the partitions, to have the new superblock. So not so easy...

    And anything else? Cannot remember. Might be, if anyone knows, I'm interested.
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