Devs, how much additional time do you put in each day outside of work to keep up with technology and/or work on side projects ?

Right now I’m estimating an hour a night I believe.

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    For me that's about right, but it can be more depending on the amount of stuff I want to keep up with.
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    30min to 4 hours
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    @Ranchu yeah for me it’s 2 hours some night, none prob 2 nights and 40kin - hour the other nights averaging out to an hour
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    @netikras that is not an acceptable range lol
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    @dUcKtYpEd why?
    30min if kids are moody and need attention. Consequently I'm exhausted after such days and have no will left to work on my code.

    Up to 4 hours if I can put kids to bed on time
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    @netikras this, this is me exactly. 4 kids, all very needy lol
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    @netikras same here but college student
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    @netikras committed to not having kids just so I can reach that upper range boundary every day :)
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    Generally I spend 1 hour of worktime doing so if the day is light :) Otherwise at home
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    I mostly do it at work. With my first coffee check the IT news and if there is something new out.
    And during my "freetime" at work.
    I build some tools for the company / which will simplify my work flows; doing some Video coures.

    But my boss is a programmer himself, so he knows that's important to stay up to date.
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    I may be unpopular.... But I don't really spend time off-work to try out technologies. Well, reading about them - yeah, since I have phone with me and time available. But actually playing around... No. (mostly lol, sometimes you just do your own side-projects)

    This may be due to the fact that I work in company where we have a lot of projects that are constantly changing and we need to find the best solution at the job, not after it. In other words - we grow in company and not outside of it
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    I need the entire evening because I'm too far behind knowledge wise.
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    Anywhere from 0 to "oh my god, It's that late already?"
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