One of my CSC friends never ceases to amaze me. He built a "Roommate Tracker" so that whenever he wants to see who's at the apartment, he can check without having to bother anyone.

The kicker is that the thing runs by taking advantage of ARP requests and a always-on device's ARP table. iPhones and a few other devices don't respond to many network request when they sleep, but you can bet they respond to ARP!

So he wrote some code, the device keeps some log files, and then be displays it all in a web server he can access wherever. All to figure out when certain people's devices are present, active, or gone elsewhere!

👌👌👌 A+ for ingenuity (and over-engineering).

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    Wish I'd have the time, courage and enthusiasm to go to such length for anything that could be mildly interesting to me
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    @webketje I wish I did to. Life, jobs, school, other stuff is always so intense. I usually just try or look into something for a few minutes when I can. I try to take advantage of short bus rides to research libraries/tech/ideas for potential projects. Getting started or a good idea is always the biggest hurdle to me.
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    Unless it's encrypted, and protected by a password, I'd say 'F' for failing to ensure privacy. Also, unless the roommates agreed to the tracking, it is likely illegal. Your friend could easily land in hot water, legally speaking.
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    @SomeNone I'm not sure how is this different from cookies + GDPR notice.

    Btw - you cellular carrier knows where you are! At all times! I did not agree! did you agrre? No! then let file a Suit!
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    @magicMirror I'm sure you agreed when you entered into a contract with them. Check the Terms & Conditions.
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    @SomeNone But I always let my cat agree to the TOS. "I did not agree"!
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    @SomeNone All the participating parties agreed beforehand that this was ok. And it is secured so only the roommates can even see it. I probably should have said that in the main post 😂
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    Ah yes, the master geek/introvert combo.

    Builds an unnecessarily complex computer system to avoid even the smallest amount of social interaction.
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