Turns out I'm spending the holiday debugging a clients code.

Sorry Family.

(Comment below how you are spending your holiday)

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    Tracking down your client and murdering them. 😊
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    @heyheni It's an overdue project, no choice.
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    @Root Great Idea, I'll consider this.
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    @JCowie Unfortunately I'll be spending my holidays completely rebuilding a former client's website -- it's either that or the company dies because it's responsible for everything, and Heroku will kill it early next year for its stack being years past EOL.

    They'll pay, ofc, but I'd much rather have the time off. ☹
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    At home and after christmas at the 36c3.
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    I'm with you bro, this holidays had been pure debugging
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    Family :/ Sorry clients' code!
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    Editing 130 pages of tech documentation.
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    My familly is abroad. I am taking advantage of the holydays to turn my phone off and code 24/7
    Need to unleach my personnal project and become rich !
    I have a trello full of todos. I need to wipe it out.
    So excited.
    I am at an age where i understood that santa clause exists...
    And it is me !
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    You guys get a holiday?
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    @gprabhat at least 24 days plus national holidays (13 days)
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