Ever since I left my ex company 8 months ago, 4 people already left it (3 devs). And they’re still looking for back-end developer to replace me. If they wouldn’t have been so greedy when I asked them for a raise, they probably would still have me working there. Last summer they even asked me to freelance for them.

Must say, it’s quite satisfying to see that company going down now.

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    Did you flatly deny the request to freelance back?

    I would have sounded enthusiastic at the opportunity to freelance and then stated my rates are thousands per hour.
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    @ultimaterage Or at least triple the hourly rate that they would have paid had they accepted the raise request. With a smiling "the price is higher now, you should have taken my offer 8 months ago".
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    @Fast-Nop just like real estate business
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    Haha they really did that? Do you know if the polish girl left because of the same reasons?
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