Everyone around me is achieving something in life. One guy got into an art academy at the age of 15, a girl got into theater school at 16, at least three people have formed a band and are doing gigs

I have accumulated 147 unfinished projects over the course of 3 years and of course I started a new one today

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    some bloom early, some bloom late
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    My colleagues are way better than me in almost everything, and I'm actually older than all of them, that used to bother me for a while, but I actually found out that it doesn't matter, I failed a year in college, wasted 4 years doing nothing but pretending to study or learn anything.
    Now I found what I want to do, progressing slowly but surely I will achieve what I dream of, it only took me 5 years to find a way, but I found it.
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    You're going to look back on this thought and say "man, at least I am not taking drugs to drown the pressure"
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    There was a time when I was in the same position. I was a stay at home mom for years and I saw many of my friends getting great jobs in tech. A friend from electrical engineering in college got a job writing articles for wired....

    For years I felt defeated and thought that I would never achieve my goals. But I just kept trying. If I had not gotten the job I have now, I still would have kept trying.

    Remember, people almost always only expose the best things about their lives. You’re seeing the best of the best, and none of the messy hard times or failures.

    Don’t fucking give up on what you want 😉😘
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    Felt the same for me when I was young. It's completely normal, you'll fond your place in this world soon :)
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